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Chartiers Valley Youth Girls Lacrosse Association

Frequently Asked Questions

So what exactly is lacrosse?
Lacrosse is a fast-paced sport that incorporates the finesse of soccer, the footwork of basketball and the hand-eye coordination of hockey.  And when young ladies are introduced to the concept of shooting, their eyes light up like a goal light.

Must my daughter have any prior experience?
Absolutely not.  Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the country and it is new to all of us (parents included).  All we ask is that all participants bring a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.  And the best thing about lacrosse is that it can be picked up at any age.

When is lacrosse season, and what does the schedule look like?
Lacrosse is an outdoor spring sport. We begin optional conditioning indoor practices sometime in late January, and continue through the beginning of March. Typically on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This year we have introduced an enhanced experience with one day per week indoor practice being held at Southpointe Printscape arena's indoor turf field, and one day at CV in the gym. These are pre-season and therefore are considered optional, but we encourage players to attend when they can. 

Our official outdoor practices will begin in early March, as soon as the weather allows. They are two evenings per week, 90 minutes each. Games begin at the end of March, and continue through mid-May. 

Are there tryouts for lacrosse?
No, we do not have tryouts. The CVYGL organization encourages players of all skill levels to join. 

Where are the practices and home games played?
Our practices are held at the Chartiers Valley Primary School. 

Our home games are played at Chartiers Valley High School stadium on Sunday mornings.

What teams do we play and are there any tournaments?
We play mostly local teams, but occasionally we will travel up to 40 minutes for away games.  One Saturday in May, we also play in the our year-end league tournament. This event is all day, and will be sometime in May. The players and parents really look forward to this competitive 'playday'.

I don't know anything about lacrosse.  Can you tell me the basics of the game?
Games are approximately one hour long, and have a running clock. Teams field 11 players plus a goalie. Field positions include Midfielder (Middies), Attackers, and Defenders. It is a fast paced game, and our officials do explain whistles to the players as they occur.  Players are grouped by age  (U10, U12, U14).

US Lacrosse has great information on their website here, including field diagram, and common lacrosse calls & glossary.

What if my daughter plays another sport or activity?
As an organization, we know the importance of balance and encourage our players to be well-rounded students, athletes and artists. We do not require our players to choose between activities. We simply ask that you RSVP to practices and games, so that we know who will be attending. 

What equipment is required?

     ~   Lacrosse sticks and face guards
     ~   Colored Mouthguard (White or Clear Not Allowed)
     ~   Cleats - They can be softball, soccer or lacrosse - but no metal cleats allowed.
     ~   Gloves can be worn in cold weather, if desired.

Do you provide uniforms?
We provide each player with a uniform at the beginning of the season. This is provided at no cost to you. We only ask that you care for it during the year and return it in good condition at the close of the season.

What is the parent commitment to the organization?
We have one mandatory organization fundraiser each year where all players are required to raise a pre-determined amount set forth by the organization. Additionally, in an effort to defray the cost,  we have optional self-benefiting fundraisers. These fundraisers allow you to recover some or all of the monies paid for registration costs at the beginning of the year, if you choose to participate.

Are there any other events that are required?

There are other events that we invite our players to attend including our Annual Halloween Party, field trips to watch local college women's lacrosse games, High School Youth Night, and our year-end picnic.  These are optional, but only add to the fun!

What is the registration cost and when is it due?
Registration fees for the 2022-2023 season is $160 per player.   

We open registration during September and October but will continue to take players aftwerwards based upon availabile spots. Once our rosters are full we do close registration for that age group, and begin a wait-list.  Payment for the season is due October 31st.  If full payment has not been made by the first practice, then the player cannot participate and the registration will be cancelled.

Why is payment due so early if the season starts in the Spring?
All of the organizational planning takes place in the fall. We begin to build our rosters and discern how many players we will have playing this season.  We are required to notify the league how many teams we will field in the spring. This can fluctuate from year to year.  During this time we also secure our insurance for the year, request our gym, turf, and field time, and acquire/replace any equipment that will be needed.

What is your refund policy? 
There are no refunds.

Is it too late to sign up?
Probably not!  Please contact us if you are interested in signing up, but do not see the REGISTER NOW button when logged in. 
[email protected]